We are committed to providing high-quality software products and engineering analysis and design consulting services to the survey and design industry. CIS has introduced world leading software products from companies such as CSI, Bentley, and IDEA. At the same time, we also self-develop professional tools to customers in various industries. CIS has accumulated rich experience in the fields of rail transit, new energy, petroleum and petrochemical, and will better provide technical services to customers in various industries.

We are a solution provider dedicated to serving clients in the AEC industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. We specialize in software development, sales, training services, and engineering project consulting in the fields of geological exploration, structure, geotechnical engineering, and BIM simulation. We not only have advanced technology tools and rich project experience, but also focus on integrating with regional scientific and technological innovation resources to promote the exchange and cooperation of technology and talents.

3D geological modeling and visualization technology of soil and rock, as well as the finite element analysis technology of geotechnical engineering, are the trends in the development of geotechnical engineering, which is an important method to assist engineering construction related units in optimizing plans, reducing costs and increasing efficiency and an important component of the integration and digitalization of geotechnical engineering.

Leapfrog Works is a dynamic 3D geological modeling software developed for civil engineering and environmental engineering, which integrates and visualizes engineering geology and environmental geological conditions. Leapfrog Works uses implicit modeling technology and unique surface construction algorithms to help engineers quickly create complex geological structures. In addition, dynamic characteristics enable geological models to be updated quickly at different exploration stages; Rich interfaces have been implemented to combine geological models with design models, BIM models, groundwater flow models, and pollutant migration models. Leapfrog Works provides more reliable geotechnical data support for project planning, design, analysis, construction, and operation.

GeoStudio2D and 3D are well-known software packages for geological environment and geotechnical engineering analysis. GeoStudio supports limit equilibrium analysis of slopes, finite element analysis of slopes, seepage, deformation, dynamics, heat, gas, pollutant migration, and coupling analysis between various physical fields. GeoStudio is famous for its powerful slope analysis, saturated and unsaturated soil analysis capabilities, as well as efficient and stable parallel solvers.

PLAXIS 2D and 3D are well-known finite element analysis software packages for geotechnical engineering. PLAXIS can be used for elastic-plastic, consolidation, fluid solid coupling, dynamic, and dynamic consolidation analysis of soil and soil-structure interactions. The main features of PLAXIS products include: convenient pre - and post-processing, high user friendliness; Rich constitutive models of rock and soil; Powerful nonlinear solver; Rich project validation, etc.

We plan to hold a training course on numerical simulation of geotechnical engineering in Shenzhen on March 30th. Welcome to sign up!

Time:09:00-17:00 March 30, 2024

Location: Ying Hotel Shenzhen Xili University City Zhuguang Metro Branch – No. 106 Longzhu Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

9:00-10:00 Leapfrog Works 3D dynamic geological modeling technology and integrated solution for geotechnical engineering
10:00-12:00 Detailed explanation of GeoStudio2D Slope/W, Sigma/W, Seep/W modules
Case Study on Coupling Analysis of Seepage Stress Stability of Slope Body
14:00-15:00 Detailed explanation of the usage methods and technical points of Plaxis 2D
Case explanation of Plaxis 2D foundation pit excavation and slope support protection
15:00-17:00 Detailed explanation of the usage methods and technical points of Plaxis 3D
Case Study on the Interaction Analysis of Plaxis 3D Adjacent Projects

Note: The entire conference is free of charge and a buffet lunch is provided

Please scan the QR code to register.

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